• Romance History, friendship & danger

  • The Great War Romance in Colonial Africa


Love, personal loyalty and friendship played out against dramatic historic events.

Historical fiction at it's best. An original epic of global proportions. I can hardly wait for the rest of this epic to be revealed.

Dr. Bernard Fradkin, Emeritus Dean of Instruction and Library Resources, Riverside City College

A compelling adventure. Real history, told from the perspective of a European narrator, oozes from every page.

Julie Jacobs, Director of Juvenile Reading Programs, Santa Clara C.

Five stars. I couldn't wait to turn the next page.
It held my interest to the very end.

Dr. Kenneth Reid, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatric Social Work, published author of three books

An epic historic tale of adventure, war, tragedy and love, experienced by two young Bavarian friends, one Catholic, one Jewish, as German soldiers in China’s 1900 Boxer Rebellion, and sweeping through three continents, and their families' dramas at a grand Bavarian estate in pre-WW I Germany.

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Walter Soellner

Born in L.A., Walter grew up in Detroit, MI. He was Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and Professor of Art, Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, Ca. He also taught one summer at Hust University, Wuhan, China.

He was a founding partner of the Precious Objects Gallery, Los Gatos, Ca. and served on the following boards: California Crafts Museum, S.F.; Society of North American Goldsmiths (treasurer); Retired Faculty Assoc. (vice pres.); Victorian Preservation Assoc., and the San Jose Arts Commission.

He is currently writing an historic fiction four book series, of which Kalvarianhof, The Perilous Journey is the first book...

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Upcoming Books

Book 2: The Storm That Shook The World, will be available in August of 2016.

Book 3: ‘The Long Way Home' will be available in 2017 and Book 4 is in process.

While my story has many dramatic adventurist tales, it is primarily about love, loyalty, and friendship. Kalvarianhof refers to the ancestral home of one of the main protagonists. It is central to all four books.

In Book 2, beginning in 1908 with Markus, now Lieutenant, Electrical Unit Officer, assigned to the wireless station, Windhoek, German South West Africa. In his new life away from his constant companion Levi, Markus meets and becomes friends...

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