An Incident in Africa

Book 3 of the family saga, An Incident in Africa opens in 1919, as the Great War draws to a close. What should be a happy occasion is shattered by an incident at the Conrad Ranch in German South West Africa, one the Conrad family keeps hidden even from Markus Matthais, returning veteran and husband of Helena Matthais née Conrad. This desperate deception only makes adapting to life under British colonial rule even more difficult for Markus and the Conrads.

In Bavaria, Solomon Levi returns to his wife Katherina and his family estate called Kalvarianhof, but he too faces difficulties. Political upheaval, economic hardship and news from abroad intersect with his career and family.

As Markus' troubles escalate, he looks to his friend Levi for aid and succor. The two families weather the crises of the post-war period together.

The first adventure

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The Great War

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