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The Four Book Synopsis of the Kalvarianhof Saga

Dear readers, as my fourth book is about to release, I’d like to share with you the synopsis of my historic fiction series to date. All four books are available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Book One “Kalvarianhof, The Perilous Journey”, 1900-1909:

In 1900 China during the Boxer Rebellion, eighteen-year-olds Markus and Levi are German soldiers in Kaiser Wilhelm’s army. The Catholic and Jewish boys are longtime friends, equally thrilled and scared by their grand adventures filled with danger, romance, and heartbreak. They return to their homes in Bavaria during the last years of the Belle Époque, the beautiful years before WWI, where the two friends and their families encounter growing antisemitism as they pursue university life, jobs, and sweethearts, including a forbidden love that causes Markus to choose to pursue a job in Africa.

Book Two “The Storm That Shook the World”, 1909-1919:

The two young men find themselves in Germany’s colonies in Africa at the outbreak of WWI, and again in uniform for the four long years of the war. In their adventures in the wilds of the dark continent, Markus and Levi fight both the British army and ferocious animals, suffer severe injuries, and encounter unexpected love, and finally, a boat home to a defeated nation. Levi returns to his wife and family at their Kalvarianhof farm near Munich. Markus returns to his new wife at the Conrad ranch in a German South West Africa now administered by the conquering British.

Book Three “An Incident in Africa”, 1919-1924:

In the aftermath of defeat, both families support each other across the miles through one family crisis after another. Markus is suspected by the British of a series of crimes, and so flees to Germany with his wife and family. After being exonerated and after a personal tragedy, they return to the Conrad ranch in Africa. Eventually, Markus chooses to return to Munich with his three children for good, and with the help of the Levi family begins to heal his shattered life.

Book Four “How Soon the Flowers Fall”, 1924-1936:

The Roaring Twenties are on in Munich as both families try to resume a normal life as best they can, while confronting staggering inflation and fighting in the streets between the growing fascist threat and the communists. Markus finds a new love in Princess Lotti von Hohenzollern, and new adventure as the wireless officer aboard the Graff Zeppelin. Levi and his family, with Markus’s help, oppose the growing threat of the Nazis as Hitler is elected president of Germany. Terrible government decrees against the Jews result in desperate actions. Some family members choose to flee the country, some choose to hide in plain sight, and some, including teenagers, choose to join the resistance with dangerous and deadly consequences.


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