The Storm That Shook the World

Book Two The Storm That Shook The World released August, 2016.

Book two of a five book multi-generational saga about two German families, one Catholic, and one Jewish. The story of these two families, friends for years, plays out across three continents and the first half of the 20th century. Kalvarianhof, the grand estate of the Levi’s in Bavaria, plays a central role throughout the four book series.

Beginning in 1908 with Markus, now Lieutenant, Electrical Unit Officer, assigned to the wireless station, Windhoek, German South West Africa. In his new life away from his constant companion Levi, Markus meets and becomes friends with two families, the America Lange’s, and the ranching Conrad family. Both families have a beautiful daughter, Diane Lange, and Helena Conrad. Through a series of innocent encounters, (the families are friends), Markus entangles himself in two romances that almost lead to disaster.

Book Mockup Storm

Markus and Levi, for different reasons, find themselves in the German colonies in Africa at the onset of WWI. Fighting in little-known battles the Dark Continent, both friends are in no less danger than the trenches of France.

Over the long years of war, the wives and families left behind at Kalvarianhof and the Conrad Ranch endure hardships and unexpected grief. Eventually Markus and Levi reunite in German East Africa after Markus survives a brutal trek across Africa to join German colonial army there.

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