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Soellner’s Dispatch #11

Dear readers and friends: Here’s an update on my progress in writing the fourth book, Like A Gathering Storm (working title) in my five-book historical fiction series. While this historic fiction novel is written as a standalone story, it will also continue the ongoing family saga spanning three generations in the first half of the twentieth century.

While working on book four this past year, I participated in the 4-day San Francisco Writer’s Conference, Berkeley’s 2-day Bay Area Book Festival and the Los Altos History Museum’s Catch the Spirit author’s panel and was interviewed by Greg Winslow’s KKUP morning broadcast for half an hour on my writing, sources of ideas and my book in progress. I also was interviewed by Craig Roberts of KFAX AM for two and a half hours—a talk-fest of epic proportions. In 2019 I’ll be on public access television, several author/writer panels and radio interviews, book signings and lectures. As work progresses on Like a Gathering Storm, I hope for publication in late summer of 2019.

Here is the question from Quiz 10:

As part of the reparations demanded by the United States of Germany after World War One, which one of these did America request?

  1. Germany must forfeit the Mercedes Benz Automobile Company to the U.S.
  2. Germany must help Henry Ford sell U.S. cars in Germany and meet a quota.
  3. Germany must build a Zeppelin to give the U.S.
  4. Germany must relinquish a naval base on the North Sea to the U.S. Navy.
  5. Germany must hand over Kaiser Wilhelm for trial in Switzerland.
  6. Germany must train U.S. pilots and build airplanes for the U.S. Air Force.

Answer to Quiz 10:

The correct answer is: 3. Germany must build a Zeppelin to give the U.S.

As part of reparations to the United States for war damages, President Wilson negotiated to transfer of the German Zeppelin fleet to the U.S. Navy. After the German crews destroyed their own airships, Germany was required to build a new Zeppelin to give to the Americans. Called the Amerikaschiff (“American ship”), the zeppelin was completed in 1924, and then flown from Friedrichshaffen, Germany to Lakehurst, New Jersey, a trip of 81 hours. At a ceremony there it was formally transferred from German control to the U.S. Navy and christened the USS Los Angeles.

Quiz 11:

Here is the new quiz question #11:

Which one of the following did not happen during the period 1928 – 1931?

  1. Herbert Hoover predicts the end of poverty as U.S. stock market hits new high.
  2. First Nazi takes office in Germany as Interior Minister.
  3. A new planet is discovered named Pluto.
  4. Scientists predict man on moon by 2050.
  5. Catholics and Communists form one party to oppose Nazis.
  6. Unemployment in Germany reaches five million.
  7. First T. V. broadcast sent overseas by England.

Look for the answer to quiz 11’s question in my next dispatch in early 2019!

Until then remember, a good book is a friend forever! Merry 2018 and Happy 2019!

Walter Soellner

[email protected]          waltersoellner.com

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The books so far in my series:

  1. Kalvarianhof, The Perilous Journey
  2. The Storm That Shook the World
  3. An Incident in Africa
  4. Like a Gathering Storm, to be published in 2019
  5. The concluding, yet untitled novel, will be written in 2020.

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