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Soellner’s Dispatch #3



This ongoing series of Dispatches explores the writing process, research, and characters of my writing, as well as my events schedule. All of Soellner’s Dispatches are available on my blog.

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Happy holidays!

The holiday season is a busy time. In addition to working on book 3, this year I gave the keynote lecture to the World War One Memorial Association’s Armistice Remembrance luncheon, at Oakland’s Wedgewood Country Club.

The Memorial Association is dedicated to researching The Great War of 1914-1918, which they do by visiting museums and battlefields in France, Belgium and other locations associated with “the war to end all wars”. I enjoyed giving my speech that day, and learned a thing or two myself from the historically informed members.

San Jose’s Martin Luther King Library had their second annual Author’s Fair, and like last year I was invited to the author’s panel. I participated in the History Panel with five other history and historic fiction authors, where we talk about our books and our writing/editing processes. Meeting my fellow authors and our readers was a real treat, and the book signings went overtime. It’s an annual event so if you missed this one, I hope to see you at 2017’s Author’s Fair.

To help with the digital side of things, I have brought on board Jack Ewbank as a techie and assistant. He’s already making my life so much easier and more productive. Welcome aboard Jack!

Dispatch #2 Quiz:


Why was the term “Boxer” used to describe the “Boxer Rebellion”?


The British named the Boxer Rebellion after seeing local Chinese practicing a dance-like mystical ritual the Boxers believed would protect them from bullets. Their steps reminded the British of boxing practice, hence the name.

Congratulations to everyone who sent in the correct answer!

Dispatch # 3 Quiz:

The main countries involved at the very beginning of World War One (August, 1914) were: Austro-Hungarian Empire, British Empire, the Kingdom of Belgium, the French Republic, the German Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Imperial Russia.


Which one of these countries asked American president Woodrow Wilson to negotiate an Armistice just two weeks after the war started?

Read the answer in Dispatch #4!

Until my next Dispatch,

Walter Soellner

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